Research Team

Orient Planet Research holds a team of highly qualified researchers who have strong experience in developing comprehensive reports that offer actionable insight.

Nidal Abou Zaki
Managing Director - Orient Planet Group

  •  Founder and Head of Orient Planet Group
  •  A highly regarded thought leader, he initiated the founding of Orient Planet Research in January 2016
  •  Holds extensive experience in sector and industry research in the Middle East
  •  Has produced comprehensive research reports for government entities, local conglomerates and multinational companies

Abdul Kader Al Kamli
Research Director – Orient Planet Research

  •  An authority on information and communication technology in the Arab World
  •  Has a Masters Degree in Engineering and 35 years of experience in the ICT, media and research industries
  •  Spearheaded pioneering research in knowledge economy, ICT adoption of governments, industry sectors and individuals, and other applications of ICT

Nahla Nana
Director – Research and Innovation

  •  Has a broad marketing and communications, research and innovation experience across many sectors - aviation, real-estate investment, facilities and waste management, environmental management, security, energy, and education across the MENA region and Europe
  •  Has garnered multiple degrees from internationally renowned academic institutions such as Harvard University and The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University
  •  Provides insightful advice on innovative business solutions to governments, corporations, and non-government organizations.
  •  Has garnered a wide range of accolades and received recognition from government, private and not-for-profit organizations

Creative Research Group

Orient Planet Research is composed of a multicultural team that combines a diversity of creative thought and global business understanding. This team has an extensive experience in conducting sector and industry research, specializing in data development.