Media Perception Research

In today's world, perception is reality. Perception affects the way people appreciate products, services or even industry leaders. Having a strong overview of a company's image in the industry is vital to its growth and enhances competitive advantage. Public impression is everything in the fields of traditional (television, radio, print) and digital (social networking sites) media. Information on social media plays a role in shaping our concerns, values, beliefs and most importantly, perception. In line with this, Orient Planet Research, with its key team of highly-trained and proficient research professionals, offers media perception reports to its diverse clients in the Arab World. The report will give a systematic and comprehensive evaluation of our customer's representation across media platforms.

a. Corporate – Companies value the competence and popularity of their products and services. As competition continues to emerge, companies are driven to remain relevant and profitable. To meet this requirement, Orient Planet Research provides media perception reports to its corporate clients to give them an overview of their industry position in the Arab World media. This will give them valuable insights on their corporate reputation as perceived by the public.

b. Government – Public sectors are concerned with providing government services. The services they develop aim to address the needs and enhance the well-being of all segments of society. In this regard, Orient Planet Research provides media perception reports to government entities in the Middle East to help them gain stronger understanding of the performance of the services they launched. The report will offer key assessments on factors relevant to the services and its impact according to information gathered from media users.

c. Individual – High profile individuals are viewed differently by people. Media puts a lens on the construction of these individuals' image in the eyes of the public. To address this, Orient Planet Research provides media perception reports that determine how particular individuals are viewed across various media channels in the Arab World. This is an evaluation of the individual's image and presence, highlighting the factors and forces affecting the public persona of the client.

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